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Scared Myself!

Imagine you’re flipping through Amazon Prime, looking for something to watch, when all of a sudden, an almost 30 years younger you jumps out and says Boo! I nearly pooped my pants. So it goes.

At what point do I have to get new headshots?

I’ve been hard on my knees. Years of theater, musical theater, and a couple of jobs that involved heavy lifting, and I’ve beaten the crap out of them. Bone on bone arthritis. Ouch. Having had quite enough of that, thank you very much, I started seeing a specialist for the routine of cortisone shots, physical therapy, gel…
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Let’s Try This Again, Shall We?

Almost two years exactly since our original production of Marie Jones’ Stones in His Pockets was shut down by COVID-19, here we are again getting this puppy up on its feet in time for a St. Patrick’s day Weekend opening. Conor McGuigan and I start intense rehearsals tonight to get this fabled two-hander cooking. Stones…
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My lips are sealed

One of those exciting days. Working the kinks out of a new home self-tape setup after taking an online class with Johanna Jowett, one of the casting directors at Corrigan & Johnston Casting in North Carolina. Trying to simplify the setup, so it isn’t such a PITA and it’s portable, so I can knock one…
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Transient weirdness possible

I am relocating my web site and domain names to a new hosting service. It should have no discernible impact on visitors to this or any of my sites, but just in case—apologies in advance and things should be back to normal [whatever that is] as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience. Mason

Props to me

The other day, I was watching a court reporter set up her Stenograph machine and I said, “You know, if I had one of those, I bet I could get a lot of work on court and police procedural shows. Twenty minutes later, she was dropping off a broken machine and showing me how to…
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Killian in the 2019 Indy Film Fest

The schedule is up for the 2019 Indy Film Fest at Indiana State University. Killian is showing May 4th and 5th as part of the Shorts Program. For tickets, go here. For the full schedule or Film Guide, here. Thanks for checking it out!

The shape of things to come

Not to be mysterious, but…

Now i am on the tweeters

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