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Author: johnnyface

Scared Myself!

Imagine you’re flipping through Amazon Prime, looking for something to watch, when all of a sudden, an almost 30 years younger you jumps out and says Boo! I nearly pooped my pants. So it goes.

RIP The Iron Sheik

I felt honored, both when I got to play a chubby, furry version of him in a Daily Show sketch back in the day, but doubly so when he followed me on Twitter just to call me a jabroni. #goodtimes #restinpower #camelclutch

50 Pounds Lighter…

At what point do I have to get new headshots?

I’ve been hard on my knees. Years of theater, musical theater, and a couple of jobs that involved heavy lifting, and I’ve beaten the crap out of them. Bone on bone arthritis. Ouch. Having had quite enough of that, thank you very much, I started seeing a specialist for the routine of cortisone shots, physical therapy, gel…
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