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RIP The Iron Sheik

I felt honored, both when I got to play a chubby, furry version of him in a Daily Show sketch back in the day, but doubly so when he followed me on Twitter just to call me a jabroni. #goodtimes #restinpower #camelclutch

Let’s Try This Again, Shall We?

Almost two years exactly since our original production of Marie Jones’ Stones in His Pockets was shut down by COVID-19, here we are again getting this puppy up on its feet in time for a St. Patrick’s day Weekend opening. Conor McGuigan and I start intense rehearsals tonight to get this fabled two-hander cooking. Stones…
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Rat Bastard Behind the Scenes

Continuity Snaps June-ish 1997

My lips are sealed

One of those exciting days. Working the kinks out of a new home self-tape setup after taking an online class with Johanna Jowett, one of the casting directors at Corrigan & Johnston Casting in North Carolina. Trying to simplify the setup, so it isn’t such a PITA and it’s portable, so I can knock one…
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Props to me

The other day, I was watching a court reporter set up her Stenograph machine and I said, “You know, if I had one of those, I bet I could get a lot of work on court and police procedural shows. Twenty minutes later, she was dropping off a broken machine and showing me how to…
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UPDATE: Killian hits the festivals

Congratulations to the Killian team, Charlie Alberto and Tao Company, their short has made it into Houston’s WorldFest and been nominated for a prestigious Remi Award which shares winners with Spielberg, Coppola, the Brothers Coen, and David Lynch. Not too shabby. The festival runs until Sunday, if you’re in the Houston area. Then in early…
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Available for all your audiobook narration needs

I’m getting set up with a number of publishers and clearing houses for voice talent, should you need some. You can check me out on the Random House/Penguin site, soon on Deyan Audio, and others that aren’t generally available to the public. HIt me up on the contact tab if you need a narrator/voiceover artist

DIY recording studio

So, last year I recorded the audiobook of John Pivovarnick’s novel, Tales from the Back of a Bus. Aside from being a great read, it was a lot of fun to do, but recording it presented technical challenges, like how the hell do I record a whole audiobook?? Here’s how I answered that question. Booking…
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Instagram Ahoy!

I’ve started a Mason Carver Instagram account, so you don’t have to wait for me to get around to posting pictures here. Give it a follow, won’t you: Mason on Instagram. There’s only one picture up there as of this moment, but give me a chance, okay? Geesh.