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RIP The Iron Sheik

I felt honored, both when I got to play a chubby, furry version of him in a Daily Show sketch back in the day, but doubly so when he followed me on Twitter just to call me a jabroni. #goodtimes #restinpower #camelclutch

50 Pounds Lighter…

Let’s Try This Again, Shall We?

Almost two years exactly since our original production of Marie Jones’ Stones in His Pockets was shut down by COVID-19, here we are again getting this puppy up on its feet in time for a St. Patrick’s day Weekend opening. Conor McGuigan and I start intense rehearsals tonight to get this fabled two-hander cooking. Stones…
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New Voice-over Demos!

  Trying to get a head start on the whole “New year, new you” bullshit, I’ve been getting some new voice-over demos ready to roll. I’m also going to try and standardize my spelling of voice-over to the hyphenated version. I’ve been very higgledy-piggledy with it, and that’s not good unless you have someone checking your…
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Getting ready to audition REMOTEly

Nervous. I’ve submitted a bunch of self-taped auditions before, but today is the first time I have a live remote casting session, and it’s been over a year since my last in-person casting session, so I’m feeling a little rusty. The last audition I had in person was for a Gambling PSA for the state.…
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A Case of the Zoomies

Got together with some fine folks, to fool around with the notion of Zoom Theater, how existing plays can be adapted for the new media, and new normal; also what are the prospects of new plays written for the Zoomer generation? We got together to read Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker, which turns a…
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The Thing, is You see

If you’re curious about the Zoom reading we did of the Agreeable pilot script by Melinda Hensley, you can watch it here. You can learn more about The Thing, and find out about upcoming showcases [and maybe even take part} here at the website.

You’re SO sensitive

There are some hazards in trying to record voiceover work in your home studio. One is yourself when you don’t know enough to take a break. The other is your pet or pets snoozing in the background. To prove that, I present WTF Was THAT? Featuring Kirby the wonder dog and mah belly.

What’s this thing called, Love?

The Thing, of course. ‘The Thing was born out of the idea of, “Hey, we’re in a pandemic. No one’s really working on set (back in March), and everyone is pretty familiar with Zoom. I wonder if we could set up a Zoom and get some people involved in creating?”’ [Stolen from their About page.]…
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