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At what point do I have to get new headshots?

At what point do I have to get new headshots?

I’ve been hard on my knees. Years of theater, musical theater, and a couple of jobs that involved heavy lifting, and I’ve beaten the crap out of them. Bone on bone arthritis. Ouch.

Having had quite enough of that, thank you very much, I started seeing a specialist for the routine of cortisone shots, physical therapy, gel injections, leading ultimately to knee replacement, I’m sure. One constant through the whole process, other than (ow) pain, has been the doctor telling me to lose weight. “Every pound you lose is 10 pounds of pressure off your knees.”

That sounded like a plan. So I started a diet. I’ve gone from my COVID high of 310 pounds, down to 260, but I’m still losing weight in hopes that at some point my knees will stop hurting and sounding/feeling like somebody tearing the cartilage in a chicken wing.

Lately, because of the difference in my appearance, I’ve been sending a headshot along with a selfie so casting directors know the difference between the headshot and current reality. My question is, at what point do I have new headshots taken because I plan to continue losing weight? Do I get an interim set taken? Or continue with the old headshot/selfie plan?



Dramatic lighting and beard trimming aside, I don’t see much of a difference, but I’m not the biggest fan of scrutinizing my face. What say you? Let me know.

Is it time for new headshots?

Be nice, I know what I look like. Geesh.