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Aging like a fine whine

Really, this is a test to see how posting stuff from my phone works. But, while I’m at at it, here’s a Throwback Thursday Then and Now. Cheers.

Outpost Earth test cut!

Very excited to watch a test cut of Outpost Earth this weekend. I’ll make popcorn, you grab some beer. Director Brett Piper is known for his Harryhausen-esque visual effects and classic monsters. Right up my alley for a Saturday night movie.

Testing, testing…

So, as an actor, it’s unusual to see a whole rough cut of a film–especially if you’re a background actor, that almost never happens. I’ve been very lucky this year to see some rough cuts of my work on Outpost Earth, thanks, Brett! It’s really funny to see a scene where another actor’s lines have…
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Throwback Thursday!

#TBT to the first family vacation I could find a photo from.

Don’t Think Twice [2016] Trailer

So, I worked on this last summer as one of the “High Hairline Guys,” the stand-ups and improv guys who’ve been around the block a few times and never caught fire. I look forward to seeing it. Watch out for my mad pool-shooting mime skillz.

It’s Alive! Rat Bastard is Aliiiiivvvee!

The very first movie I worked  on where I had, you know, lines, is about to re-emerge from the shadows. Rat Bastard, written and directed by Mike Stivala and shot on location in Scranton, PA was tied up in distributor hell for the longest time. To coincide with the release of his web series You are Nothing,…
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So, when I turned 40, I got this crappy little spider tattoo on my right calf. Crappy because it was little, and I’m 6’3″ with calves like railroad ties, and it was off the wall tattoo flash, no personalization, nothing added. Boring. It was sort of my mid-life crisis. The joke was, it was a…
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Baby Frankenstein Teaser Trailer

Learn more or stay up to date on their web site.

Getting Trippy with it…

So, Dave and I were having fun with lights and background textures, and the results are pretty trippy, even if they’re just me. You can check out the whole gallery here. I think they may be too much to use for a headshot, unless something really groovy comes along, but fun just the same.