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Baby Frankenstein Wins Best Fantasy Feature in Cleveland!

  Very excited for director, Jon Yonkondy and producer Mike Rutkoski that Baby Frankenstein took the trophy for Best Fantasy Feature at the Horror Hotel Film Festival this past weekend in Cleveland, Ohio. Kudos all around, especially to Rance Nix who had to wear that incredible (and heavy!) makeup for hours on end. Cheers!

Killian is in the Can! New Poster!

Just got the new, [official!] poster for Killian. It’s out of post-production and the producers have started submitting it to festivals, etc. Very excited for Charlie Alberto and the folks at Tao Company. Looking forward to the wrap party and private screening later this summer. In other news, Baby Frankenstein was nomitated as one of…
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The Thrill of Self-Taped Auditions

If you have a dog, you know. It’s either let him in the room with you, or he’s going to whine and scratch at the door. Doesn’t always work when you’re trying to self-tape an audition.

It’s Scranton Fringe Festival Time Again…

The magical September/October boundary is just around the corner, and that can mean only one thing: Scranton Fringe Festival, 2017 edition. This year, I’m taking my third swipe at the Scranton Slammy at the Big Gay Story Slam, September 30 from 10 – 11:30 PM at the Scranton Cultural Center [in Shopland Hall] at 420 N…
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New Baby Frankenstein one-sheet poster! Woot!

The new Baby Frankenstein one-sheet poster has been released. It’s kind of awesome. I like the subtle Monster Squad nod, with Andre Gower and Dracula in addition to Baby Frankenstein himself.

Weirder than usual…

There has been some web site weirdness, owing to moving servers and going from Windows to Linux blah blah blah. Zzzzz. If you find a page or post isn’t working, please shoot me a line so I can fix it, please and thank you. Infinitely exploding watermelon  

OMG I Forgot How to Head Shot…

One of my agents asked for a handful of printed headshot/résumés for upcoming submissions. Groovy. But it took me most of the morning to remember how to produce an analog [that’s paper, kids] headshot and résumé—something I used to be able to do with my eyes closed, back in the day. These days, I’m *so*  used…
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Outpost Earth Trailer

Coming soon to Vimeo on Demand! Babes, Bug-eyed Monsters, Ray Guns, and ME! Outpost Earth from Atom Age Cinema on Vimeo.

Me, after every audition

Literally. Me, after every audition.