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Creed II, March 2018

Creed II, March 2018

Now that the movie has opened, I don’t feel bad posting these photos I took on location last spring. Well, “spring.” It was a cold day, outside in North Philly. Luckily, it was supposed to be the Ukraine, with Drago and his son doing roadwork through the battered streets.

There was ice on the ground still, but they added more with a mix of cotton batting (that’s what it looked like anyway) and a food grade
Methyl cellulose that was sprayed liberally everywhere.

Fortunately, being a fake Ukraine, I was able to wear my Soviet Ushanka hat, which kept me nice and warm despite the day.

Creed II Pics.

Fun fact, this same block of North Philly was used in M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass in the fall of 2017. I look forward to comparing the two, so I can see if I can spot the neighborhood.


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