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Getting ready to audition REMOTEly

Getting ready to audition REMOTEly


I’ve submitted a bunch of self-taped auditions before, but today is the first time I have a live remote casting session, and it’s been over a year since my last in-person casting session, so I’m feeling a little rusty.

The last audition I had in person was for a Gambling PSA for the state. I booked it, then COVID delayed it, and delayed it, and delayed it until it was ultimately canceled. Harrumph.

Anyway, pissy moaning aside, I’m psyched for the opportunity, even if I’m nervous about an unknown process. Fortunately, the folks at EcoCast and Actors Access popped up a really informative video about the process so at least I’m not walking…um, sitting into it blind.

Check out the video, if you’re curious, and wish me luck. Better hang my neutral audition drop again…