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New Voice-over Demos!

New Voice-over Demos!


Trying to get a head start on the whole “New year, new you” bullshit, I’ve been getting some new voice-over demos ready to roll. I’m also going to try and standardize my spelling of voice-over to the hyphenated version. I’ve been very higgledy-piggledy with it, and that’s not good unless you have someone checking your spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Which I don’t. So here we are.

I recorded these with Joanne Joella [voice of the computer on the original Blues Clues, and a great coach, if you’re looking] and her husband Kevin, musician and studio engineer. I got locked into the padded room I’ve been told to expect my whole life, on a very hot day in October. I can see why some people have claustrophobic reactions to these home recording booths. They are very dark, spookily quiet [the point, afterall], and insulated so you can bake in your own body heat. Which I did.

I lasted long enough to bang out three demos: commercial, industrial, and promotional, which Kevin then took and fully produced and packaged. They’re up on the Voice-over page and are links to the MP3 versions on Soundhound. I have WAV file versions also, if you should need or want them, hit me up via the Contact tab.

Next up, new headshots, and getting better about posting more regularly…



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