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Rat Bastard is on Amazon Prime

Rat Bastard is on Amazon Prime

And, I mean the award-winning comedy by Mike Stivala, not me. Not I. I’ve been on Amazon a while now, so it wouldn’t be news. I AM in the movie, though. You can stream it here.

I play Billy, the fascist owner of a pancake house where one of the leads works. I also doubled as continuity boy, and have been scanning all of the original Polaroids I took to keep things consistent. Stories, oy, do I have stories. Almost burning down the producer’s parent’s house. Knocking out the power to a small borough called Dunmore. Good times.

The movie was shot in Scranton, Pennsylvania way the fuck back in 1997. DP was Mik Cribben, who also made the marvelously atrocious Beware: Children at Play [which is also streaming there, if you enjoy so-bad-they’re-good horror movies with cheesy effects and cheesier acting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.]

So, to sum up: Rat Bastard, good. Beware: Children at Play! bad. Both are entertaining, but for different reasons. Check them out.

Me, as a Bond villain. If Bond villains sold pancakes.