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Don’t Think Twice [2016] Trailer

So, I worked on this last summer as one of the “High Hairline Guys,” the stand-ups and improv guys who’ve been around the block a few times and never caught fire. I look forward to seeing it. Watch out for my mad pool-shooting mime skillz.

It’s Alive! Rat Bastard is Aliiiiivvvee!

The very first movie I worked  on where I had, you know, lines, is about to re-emerge from the shadows. Rat Bastard, written and directed by Mike Stivala and shot on location in Scranton, PA was tied up in distributor hell for the longest time. To coincide with the release of his web series You are Nothing,…
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I have to do some loop work for Outpost Earth this weekend. Got the clips and new lines to dub in an email last night. Very exciting. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Now, if only I can get the animals to cooperate and hush up, I should have it done this weekend.

Throwback Thursday! Hamlet!

Hamlet cast takes a break during rehearsals at the Linn McDonald School of Dance. Photo by Dave Sartor.