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You Guys!!

You guys! Outpost Earth is streaming on Amazon Prime! Go get your fill of rubber-suited, stop -motion monstery goodness. That is all!

Transient weirdness possible

I am relocating my web site and domain names to a new hosting service. It should have no discernible impact on visitors to this or any of my sites, but just in case—apologies in advance and things should be back to normal [whatever that is] as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience. Mason

A Sunday to Ourselves

All dressed up and ready to go for “A Sunday to Ourselves,” written and directed by Will Krisanda, premiering tonight at the Scranton Fringe Festival. With Will Krisanda, Kimmie Leff, Jimi Hedglin, and yours truly. Ticket information here. Full Fringe schedule here. Get your Fringe on, people!

Fringe Approacheth!

Scranton Fringe Festival opens next weekend! You can find the full Fringe guide here. Or browse all the various shows, performances, classes, and whatnot on the web site. But, I know you’re thinking, “Mason. what are you doing? It’s all we really care about” Well… I know. But modesty, kids. You can get tickets to…
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A Sunday to Ourselves

Part of the 2019 Scranton Fringe Festival. Tickets available NOW! General fringe-y goodness [info, descriptions, and more] here. It’s a good time, and a sweet play. You should come see it.

Props to me

The other day, I was watching a court reporter set up her Stenograph machine and I said, “You know, if I had one of those, I bet I could get a lot of work on court and police procedural shows. Twenty minutes later, she was dropping off a broken machine and showing me how to…
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BIG Gay Story Slam NYC

This is the full text of my story from the Big Gay Story Slam at the SoHo Playhouse, July 15, 2019. It includes the bits I fucked up and/or left out. Hi, I’m John. CIS Gay male He/Him/His. White. Obviously. Neurodivergent. Lapsed Catholic, now Pagan. I’m 58, which is about 200 in gay years. By…
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Big Gay Story Slam NYC

The Scranton Fringe’s Big Gay Story Slam is taking their show on the road to the SoHo Playhouse in New York City on Monday, July 15, 2019. I am thrilled and delighted to be one of the storytellers for the first foray into the wider world. Emcee for the evening: Drag Queen Pissi Myles! Full…
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Not for the weak

I caught a commercial the other day. One that sounded familiar. Oh, yeah! I auditioned for that! And, oh, look! There’s the other guy that was at the callback. Huh. I guess he got it. Good for him. I can see why they cast him. His take on it was a little less comedic than…
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