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Getting Trippy with it…

So, Dave and I were having fun with lights and background textures, and the results are pretty trippy, even if they’re just me. You can check out the whole gallery here. I think they may be too much to use for a headshot, unless something really groovy comes along, but fun just the same.

Throwback Thursday! Hamlet!

Hamlet cast takes a break during rehearsals at the Linn McDonald School of Dance. Photo by Dave Sartor.

Holy crap, Batman!

I was cleaning out boxes of junk and I came across some old headshots. Holy crap! Here are some headshots through the ages. Left is recent. Top right is 1980-ish. Lower right is 1994-ish.

Photo Galleries Updated!

New galleries added–including On-set and behind the scenes shots; badass headshots by Jason Riedmiller and a clip gallery.

New headshots in the works.

Jason Riedmiller is a great photographer. He’s taken some rando shots of me at various events, so I finally hit him up to take some legit headshots for me. Can’t wait to see the final product! The Electric City Tattoo Convention, April, 2015. Bonfire at the Iron Furnaces, October 17, 2015 (I was reading Tarot…
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