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A Reunion with Three Tall Women

This was a fantastic freaking weekend. Drove into NYC with Miss Eileen Kennedy in tow. She does casting in Los Angeles. We met up with Ms. Darcie Lamb (now Rudolph) who is a grief counselor for children in the Philadelphia area. I mention them first, because it was kind of like getting the band back…
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The Thrill of Self-Taped Auditions

If you have a dog, you know. It’s either let him in the room with you, or he’s going to whine and scratch at the door. Doesn’t always work when you’re trying to self-tape an audition.

Dear Talented…

I know I’ve posted Actor Scam emails before, but this one is hilarious. Verbatim, minus the reply email address: Dear Talented, I am Talent Scout For Sony Pictures Animation, Present Sony Pictures Animation Movies a Film Corporation Located in the United State, is Soliciting for the Right to use Your Photo/Face and Personality as One…
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Scam Alert!

So, I get this email: Voice over artist/actor needed for a two days commercial game host show advert project.If interest reply back as soon as you can for more details.I got your contact from Nowcasting. Odd, since I don’t have “Voice Over Artist” on my NowCasting profile [honestly, I forgot about NowCasting, since they almost…
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A Man and His Dog…

I was reminded of this picture of me and my dog Kirby on National Puppy Day. Do I need a reason to share it? If you ever need a dude walking a dog, or a dog walking a dude. Hit me up.

Bowling Miscia Casting

Here for an audition for Bluebloods. Even if I don’t get the part, these are people I’d like to make a good impression with. As you can see, they cast some big shows.

It never rains, but it pours…

So, you can go weeks without any sort of action as an actor, then all of a sudden blammo! Today, in short order, I had to get wardrobe notes for Sunday’s shoot, learn lines for the same shoot, plus self-tape two auditions for feature films that shoot in November–all in the few free hours after…
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Aging like a fine whine

Really, this is a test to see how posting stuff from my phone works. But, while I’m at at it, here’s a Throwback Thursday Then and Now. Cheers.

Throwback Thursday!

#TBT to the first family vacation I could find a photo from.