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Baby Frankenstein

Streaming NOW Baby Frankenstein, a film shot in Northeast Pennsylvania a few years back, then hit the festival circuit, is now available to rent on multiple streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime, and also available on DVD. Check out the trailer:

Rat Bastard Behind the Scenes

Continuity Snaps June-ish 1997

Rat Bastard is on Amazon Prime

And, I mean the award-winning comedy by Mike Stivala, not me. Not I. I’ve been on Amazon a while now, so it wouldn’t be news. I AM in the movie, though. You can stream it here. I play Billy, the fascist owner of a pancake house where one of the leads works. I also doubled…
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My lips are sealed

One of those exciting days. Working the kinks out of a new home self-tape setup after taking an online class with Johanna Jowett, one of the casting directors at Corrigan & Johnston Casting in North Carolina. Trying to simplify the setup, so it isn’t such a PITA and it’s portable, so I can knock one…
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Because of course it was

You know the drill: Wash your hands 6 feet apart Social Distancing No group activities over 10 people. We’ll be back in production when the zombie apocalypse is over. Watch this space. Kiss kiss. [Air kisses. From a distance. Followed by Lysol™® spray in the face]Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home.

Sanitized for your protection

I had an audition the other day at Heery-Loftus Casting in Philadelphia. When I got there, out of habit I went to the table where the sign-in sheet usually lives. It wasn’t there. Instead, there was a sign that said [and I’m summarizing here]: Out of an abundance of caution, we’re doing away with the…
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Can’t talk, rehearsing.

painfully excited

Conor McGuigan and I have been trying to do this play, Stones in His Pockets, for a very long time. Years. A passion project, if you will. It’s about how a big American movie company takes over the sleepy little village where they once filmed The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. The…
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You Guys!!

You guys! Outpost Earth is streaming on Amazon Prime! Go get your fill of rubber-suited, stop -motion monstery goodness. That is all!