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Outpost Earth Available now!

Outpost Earth Available now!

It was a great weekend. New York City, good friends, good food, gender blind King Lear on Broadway. Come home to a callback for a commercial I auditioned for last week. Get back from the callback [which went well] on Monday, and what should be waiting for me, but…

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So, yeah. Great weekend. This movie was so much fun to make [who doesn’t want to play a mad scientist, really?] with so much Harryhausen goodness and rubber-suited monsters, ray guns, and whatnot. Brought me back to hurrying home from school to catch Monolith Monsters, Mole People, or Creature from the Black Lagoon on Dialing for Dollars.

So, for fun, here’s some behind the scenes photos I took on set and a review not by me; and the second trailer, just for good measure. As my SCA friends say, huzzah!

Outpost Earth – Alternate Trailer (Dir. Brett Piper, 2019

Cheers! Happy bug-eyed monstering!


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