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What’s this thing called, Love?

What’s this thing called, Love?

The Thing, of course.

The Thing was born out of the idea of, “Hey, we’re in a pandemic. No one’s really working on set (back in March), and everyone is pretty familiar with Zoom. I wonder if we could set up a Zoom and get some people involved in creating?”’ [Stolen from their About page.]

And they did. And then they asked me to participate in the upcoming Thing on December 5th.

It’s a cool idea, actually. As they describe it:

The Thing is more than a table read. It’s a chance to see how a director guides actors to bring the work of a writer to life. By focusing on selected excerpts from a script, you get a true behind-the-scenes look at the content creation process. And because we’re doing it live, it’s got the thrill of theatre too. [Also stolen.]

So, I’ll be taking part in the next one on December 5th, if you’d like to check it out, participate, or even submit your own material to the project, you can. Details about the pilot “Agreeable” I’ll be reading are here. Check the tabs at the top of that page if you want to take part, somehow.

If you want to attend, it’s free, but seats are limited. Register here.