So, when I turned 40, I got this crappy little spider tattoo on my right calf. Crappy because it was little, and I’m 6’3″ with calves like railroad ties, and it was off the wall tattoo flash, no personalization, nothing added. Boring. It was sort of my mid-life crisis. The joke was, it was a […]

Getting Trippy with it…

So, Dave and I were having fun with lights and background textures, and the results are pretty trippy, even if they’re just me. You can check out the whole gallery here. I think they may be too much to use for a headshot, unless something really groovy comes along, but fun just the same.


I have to do some loop work for Outpost Earth this weekend. Got the clips and new lines to dub in an email last night. Very exciting. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Now, if only I can get the animals to cooperate and hush up, I should have it done this weekend.


I was thinking the other day about past favorite roles, and I kept thinking–Man, I wish I could tackle that again, knowing what I know now. I was 22 when I played Prospero in The Tempest, what did I know of loss and betrayal? So, here’s a list of roles I’d like to do over,  as […]