Dear Talented…

I know I’ve posted Actor Scam emails before, but this one is hilarious. Verbatim, minus the reply email address: Dear Talented, I am Talent Scout For Sony Pictures Animation, Present Sony Pictures Animation Movies a Film Corporation Located in the United State, is Soliciting for the Right to use Your Photo/Face and Personality as One […]

Scam Alert!

So, I get this email: Voice over artist/actor needed for a two days commercial game host show advert project.If interest reply back as soon as you can for more details.I got your contact from Nowcasting. Odd, since I don’t have “Voice Over Artist” on my NowCasting profile [honestly, I forgot about NowCasting, since they almost […]

Nekkid and Afraid…

Not me. You. My friend Eileen, which sounds like the name of a 1940s rom-com, is casting the new season of Naked and Afraid for the Discovery Channel. She’s totally legit, did the casting for Paper Heart among other movies and TV shows. If you think you have the survial skills, you should hit her […]

Teaser Trailer for Killian

Here’s the teaser trailer for the short film Killian I worked on last fall, opposite Michael Madsen. They’ve started a fundraiser to get financing for post-production, particularly VFX and festival submissions. Click through here, if you can help out.

Voice Over audition preparation…

I have to self-record an audition for a commercial voice-over. Trying to cut down on some of the ambient room noise–radiator hiss, computer hum, etc. “Sciencing the shit out of it,” as Matt Damon says in The Martian. The Yeti microphone just barely fits in the foam-lined box, so I think I may have to get […]