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Fringe Approacheth!

Scranton Fringe Festival opens next weekend!

You can find the full Fringe guide here. Or browse all the various shows, performances, classes, and whatnot on the web site.

But, I know you’re thinking, “Mason. what are you doing? It’s all we really care about” Well…

I know. But modesty, kids. You can get tickets to the delightful comedy, A Sunday to Ourselves, written and directed by the equally delightful Will Krisanda, right here. It stars Will himself, Kimi Leff, Jimi Hedglin, my own self. Get your tickets while you can. It’s really sweet (not me so much, but the rest of it). Two performances on October 5th, one on October 6–and a bunch of other groovy stuff scattered around town starting September 27th through October 6th.

You snooze, you lose. See you there!


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