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Dear Talented…

I know I’ve posted Actor Scam emails before, but this one is hilarious. Verbatim, minus the reply email address:

Dear Talented,

I am Talent Scout For Sony Pictures Animation, Present Sony Pictures Animation Movies a Film Corporation Located in the United State, is Soliciting for the Right to use Your Photo/Face and Personality as One of the Semi -Major Role/ Character in our Upcoming ANIMATED Stereoscope 3D Movie-The Story of Peter Rabbit (Peter Rabbit 2018) The Movie is Currently Filming (InProduction) Please Note That There Will Be No Auditions, Traveling or Any Special / Professional Acting Skills, Since the Production of This Movie Will Be Done with our State of Art Computer -Generating Imagery Equipment. We Are Prepared to Pay the Total Sum of $560,000.00 USD. For More Information/Understanding, Please Write us on the E-Mail Below.

Note: Only the Response send to this mail will be Given a Prior Consideration.

Talent Scout
Becky Miles

SO much wrong with this on SO many levels.

First, what you couldn’t see: the Sender was Sony Motion Pictures, but the return email address was from a generic email account in Venezuela, with the extension .VE.

Second, the subject line was a bland For Your Notice, which, like so much of this, is grammatically dubious to the point of being nonsensical.

Then, aside from all the sketchy grammar, it’s “casting” for a CGI movie slated to be released next year. These movies take years to get ready. I don’t think they’d be adding a “semi-major” role this far into production.

Finally, the reply email address is, not Sony, or even a named associated with casting. A basic web search turns up the as a haven for spam and scams. So, no.

Be on the lookout, and don’t get suckered.



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