Audiobook Bonanza!

I’m about halfway through recording the narration of John Pivovarnick’s Tales from the Back of a Bus audiobook. Another few days and I should have all that sorted, mastered, and uploaded. You’ll be able to buy a copy on Amazon, Audible, or iTunes. In the meantime, you can get an advance listen to the “retail […]

Killian is in the Can! New Poster!

Just got the new, [official!] poster for Killian. It’s out of post-production and the producers have started submitting it to festivals, etc. Very excited for Charlie Alberto and the folks at Tao Company. Looking forward to the wrap party and private screening later this summer. In other news, Baby Frankenstein was nomitated as one of […]

Teaser Trailer for Killian

Here’s the teaser trailer for the short film Killian I worked on last fall, opposite Michael Madsen. They’ve started a fundraiser to get financing for post-production, particularly VFX and festival submissions. Click through here, if you can help out.

The Road to Killian

Had the chance to work on a short film this past Sunday–with Michael Madsen, who is a very cool guy. The movie is a sci-fi story set in a dystopian future. I play Madsen’s boss who’s trying to clue him in the to dire nature of current developments. We shot in a factory in Newark, […]