A Reunion with Three Tall Women

This was a fantastic freaking weekend. Drove into NYC with Miss Eileen Kennedy in tow. She does casting in Los Angeles. We met up with Ms. Darcie Lamb (now Rudolph) who is a grief counselor for children in the Philadelphia area. I mention them first, because it was kind of like getting the band back […]

Killian is in the Can! New Poster!

Just got the new, [official!] poster for Killian. It’s out of post-production and the producers have started submitting it to festivals, etc. Very excited for Charlie Alberto and the folks at Tao Company. Looking forward to the wrap party and private screening later this summer. In other news, Baby Frankenstein was nomitated as one of […]

Weirder than usual…

There has been some web site weirdness, owing to moving servers and going from Windows to Linux blah blah blah. Zzzzz. If you find a page or post isn’t working, please shoot me a line so I can fix it, please and thank you. Infinitely exploding watermelon  

OMG I Forgot How to Head Shot…

One of my agents asked for a handful of printed headshot/résumés for upcoming submissions. Groovy. But it took me most of the morning to remember how to produce an analog [that’s paper, kids] headshot and résumé—something I used to be able to do with my eyes closed, back in the day. These days, I’m *so*  used […]